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Protect your reputation.

Choose the right people.


Credit Service Company, Inc. is a professional third-party collection agency, proficient in collecting consumer and commercial delinquent accounts. Located in the Arkansas River Valley, adjacent to the Oklahoma border, Credit Service Company has been providing professional debt recovery solutions to our entire area since 1979. Additionally, the overall need to adapt to the mobility of clients and customers is met with our vast network of collection professionals, enabling us to pursue your delinquent accounts anywhere in the United States.


We believe that anyone who provides a product or service, or lends their skill, time, or expertise of any kind, should be justly compensated, and we take very seriously our role in keeping our economy strong. If you're not being justly compensated for goods and services you've delivered, your business will benefit financially from the impact that debt collection services have on the economy.


When you are ready to move  your business forward and need credit collection services, we possess the skills and expertise required to maximize your bad debt recovery before it becomes uncollectible, allowing you to:


  • Save time and money on in-house recovery efforts

  • Focus on generating new income

  • Reduce frustration and loss of income



What our clients are saying:

Excellent Results

We have been using Credit Service Company since July of 2011.  During this time, I have been nothing but pleased with the service we receive.

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